The Inspire Difference

Did you know that recent research shows children learn the most rapidly before the age of six?  This is why at Inspire we strive to teach them skills that will prepare them for their future.  We teach "normal things" such as table manners and academic skills, but we also aim for social and emotional development.

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Winter is Snow Fun!
Building Blocks for Dexterity!
Dress up Day!
Afterschool Program Pool Visit.
Infants and Toddlers

The most precious stage of your child’s life could be the infant and toddler stage.  They are young, fragile and need full time attention.  We offer that full time, detailed attention and care for your child that can’t be provided anywhere else.  With our trained staff, our infants learn basic skills and simple sign language to match. Your child’s early experience in child care will shape who they become as a young child. With the love and attention at Inspire, our students accomplish amazing things!


Aimed towards academics, working on fine motor skills, colors, numbers, letters, shapes, sequencing, language and interpersonal skills all through art, play and interaction.  The children have no idea they are learning: the fun and giggles all around can convince you this is just another form of play.