We offer tours at both our Eastside and Westside
locations at the following times by appointment only:
Eastside: 10am on the second Friday of every month
Westside: 3:30 pm on the third Thursday of every month
To schedule a tour, please give us a call today!  
Phone: (541)-330-1437

There are three things you’ll need to complete this process:


1. Write down any questions you haven’t been able to answer through our site, bring them with you and we will be more than happy to answer each question in person. Please bring your child with you - a good connection between children and teachers is vital, and this first meeting can be a great stepping stone! 

2. You can sign up for our wait list before or after your tour. Click here for the online application. Once we receive your application you will be entered onto our wait list.  


3. Finally, we encourage you to check out multiple schools and locations before or after you see our school. This will ensure you find the best fit for your needs. Here at Inspire, we are always looking for people who are excited to be here. Why? Because we’re excited to be here and want people to enjoy our school just as much as we do!