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At Inspire Early Learning Centers we are happy to receive thoughts and ideas from the people that support us the most...PARENTS! At one of our most recent board/parent meetings, it was asked if there had ever been any thought to not being closed during the traditional week-long August and March breaks, as this has been a hardship for families over the years. Families also shared that many care centers and preschools in Bend are open longer hours, and they asked if there was any consideration to extending hours of operation. The board and administrative team took this feedback and has responded in an INSPIRING way!

We are happy to report that starting September 6, 2016 Inspire Early Learning Centers East side and West side locations opened their doors at 7am, and are staying open until 6pm Monday through Friday!! We are also proud to be able to support our families in a greater capacity by breaking out of an old mold and being open for more than two more weeks each year than we previously were, one week in March and one week in August, as well as Columbus Day, the 5th of July, and others!! Updated closure dates can be found in each front office.

Inspire Early Learning Centers Board of Directors has worked closely with the landlord at the West side campus to dramatically reduce our debts. He has worked hand-in-hand with us to help us reduce our monthly operating costs, and in turn we have been able to now offer new LOWER rates for all families who are on a part time schedule. Families have already been able to benefit from this new lower rate that has been billed for November. See the new rates in the 'rates and availability' tab of our website. Our Board has also started instituting teacher raises! These have been long overdue for our incredible and dedicated staff members. We are happy to award our staff with raises and look forward to achieving our long term financial plan of paying our teachers a healthy wage for their work and dedication to our children.

We are happy to report that enrollment has increased since the start of summer! We are at or near capacity for the number of staff we have working each day at both campuses.

We have also been able to award three times the number of scholarships than we had in July 2016. This is such an incredible gift to our families and children in need, and it speaks to our willingness and dedication to fulfill our promises in our Core Values and Philosophy, which you be able to read soon, along with seeing pictures of our amazing staff members!

We thank all of our families for the continued support and INSPIRATION.

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