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Paint, Superheros, Tambourines, Engaging Stories, Homemade Meals, Yoga and so much more...

These all happen in the daily preschool programming for children 3 – 5 years old.  Students are so excited for their daily adventures at school, they celebrate when their friends arrive.

Children learn an abundance of academic, social, and physical skills during the preschool years. You will be a part of setting goals for your child through daily communication and annual conferences with your child's teacher.

Program Highlights

Art:  From the kinds of brushes we use and why, to specialized paper intended for artists; our students are excited to create and explore art.  Different mediums such as oil pastels, acrylics, and water colors encourage creativity and provide lasting impressions.  Students learn about famous artists and learn the basics of how to create like them.  From basic cartoon drawing styles to impressionist and abstract art, we learn about the world of art.

Music: Music time teaches counting, volume control, body movement/control, vocalization, and acceptance.  Folk songs, big band, children’s hip hop and classical are all just a small sampling of the styles played here.  We also include "Karaoke Fridays" which is always a big hit with our preschoolers.

Gross Motor: We continue to work with our preschoolers on various gross motor skills such as balance, alternate-foot climbing, swinging, throwing and catching. Children love playing in our outdoor area or going to the park to practice moving their bodies in new ways. We also include yoga stretches and calm breathing exercises to help learn body control. 

Academic Skills: In the midst of playing and creating, we introduce and practice skills that children need for kindergarten. Skills such as using scissors and glue, moving together as a group, and learning about letters, numbers, and shapes are included every day as the children enjoy various activities. 

Conscious Discipline:  We include intentional instruction in social-emotional skills for each of our students. Conscious Discipline provides several structures and strategies that help us create emotional safety in our classrooms, build connections with our students, and foster cooperation in our school family. They also have a very informative and helpful parent portal on their website:

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