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Snuggles, Homemade Food, Arts and Crafts, Music, Giggles, and More Snuggles!

Just Another Day At Inspire!


Like the preschoolers, the infants and toddlers are encouraged to reach their next milestone.  Through visual and auditory stimuli, as well as one on one time, infants and toddlers are continually encouraged to imagine, grow and inspire.  With parent conferences, you have the opportunity to meet with the teacher who daily engages your baby, to ask questions, and set goals together. 


Take a look at what we offer each day…

Infant and Toddler Programming

We work in small groups with our infants and toddlers - one teacher with every four children under 2 years old, and one teacher with every five children in our 2 year old class.


Art: As early as they are able, infants and toddlers begin exploring their curiosity through art.  Children work together with teachers on crafts that follow along with our monthly curriculum theme. Children under one year old learn by touching and mouthing various textures.  As they grow, they practice more fine motor skills by learning to grasp and draw with various instruments. 


Gross Motor Development: The first three years of life are full of astounding growth and amazing new skills! From tummy time to working with your child to run and jump, reaching milestones and encouraging both upper body and lower body strength is one of the jobs of your child’s teacher.


Literacy and Language: We use books and songs, finger-plays and stories to engage children in the delightful world of language. We also use basic sign language in our infant and toddler classrooms as another form of communication. Using signs, children are able to begin communicating their needs as early as 6 months old! Facial expression is an important part of sign language, and this helps children learn to "read" non-verbal communication as well.

Beyond the basics: We are happy to work with you through all of the stages of your child's development. We offer fresh pureed infant foods that are made on-site, with your guidance as to what foods you want your child to try. We can use cloth diapers with your infant, and help when your child is ready for potty training. We also encourage breast feeding, and you are welcome to visit our classroom to feed your child at any time.

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