You Too Can Be A Superhero!

Bend Preschool - Get Involved!

Inspire Early Learning Centers is a 501 c(3) nonprofit organization.  We exist to provide an all-inclusive, family friendly community, that is focused on best practices for early learning. Our organization would like to see you support early childhood education in our home town.

This year there has been a high demand in the community to make this program accessible to even more children.  With the cuts in DHS child care funding we are looking for ways to support more access to early childhood education.

Current Facts:

  • Currently Inspire serves more than 170 students

  • 47 families on scholarship this year

  • More than 70 children qualify for reduced price lunches. With families below the federal poverty level.

  • Inspire has a diverse population: 6% are Hispanic/Latino, 9% Asian, 4% African American, 12% American Indian, 47% White, 16% Pacific Islander and 6% Other Nationalities.

Ways You Can Get Involved


We can always use the help

of family and community

members. With the amount

of fun stuff we have going

on there is always room for

some additional help!

Check out our Volunteer

Page for more info!



In order to provide scholarships

to our families in need, we are

accepting monetary and item

donations. If you would like to

personally donate to our

scholarship fund, or represent

a business looking to sponsor

our program please take a look

at our sponsorship/partnership

page! (Coming Soon!)


Show up!

We are constanly doing fun

things here at Inspire!

If you are a family member

looking for fun things to

participate in, check out

our events calendar!